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KenKen India Online Competition 2020 - Terms and Conditions:
  • Registration Fees for all online and offline levels are Non-Refundable.
  • Change, if any, in the dates of different levels of KIC 2020 will be informed through email/ SMS at the contact details received in application form.
  • Student will be given a Specific Date and Time Slot for Completion.
  • For detailed information regarding puzzle categories, selection procedure and championship guidelines, please write to us at or visit
  • Digital Certificate will be issued to students clearing the School Level.
  • Certificate and Bronze Medal will be given to Students Clearing the City Level.
  • Certificate and Silver Medal Will be given to students Clearing State Level.
  • National Level Winner Prize. Looking on the Present Covid-19 Situation if International Completion at New York or Dubai is cancelled below Prize will be given to National Level Winners.
    • Three Champions will get INR 50,000* Cash Prize.
    • Three 1st Runners Up will get INR 15,000* Cash Prize.
    • Three 2nd Runners Up will get INR 10,000* Cash Price.
    • Every student of National Round will get a Participation Certificate.
  • A Fixed budget is pre-determined for the three students representing India at KIC 2020. This budget will take care of his/her travel and accommodation expenses. This amount will be released to the student on submission of proof getting the required country visa and air tickets, and hotel reservation voucher. In the unfortunate event of the child not being able to secure visa and hence unable to participate in KIC New York or Dubai, the sponsored amount will not be released and may be transferred to another student who might qualify in his/ her place.
  • Registration Fees for various rounds are as under:
    • School Round: INR 190/-
    • City Round: INR 400/-
    • State Round: INR 500/-
    • National Round: INR 600/-
    • International Round: Sponsored (If KIC 2020 is held in New York or Dubai)